1. DhrTressie

    Even better than better yet…become a member of the open source movement, and share your wonderful gifts with all.

  2. criscros7

    Truly amazing design, beautifully built.

  3. stphn44

    wow wot a clock so good i  could watch this for ages

  4. Robert Lozyniak

    I had to watch more than once to figure out how the striking mechanism works.

    It is a little tricky to read the hour directly off the striking mechanism. This is because at least one of the marbles is “hidden”.

  5. Hevic

    Ah- thanks, I guess I need to do another one first! Not sure how I didn’t see it there

  6. John Hilgenberg

    Down at the bottom of his page you’ll see a link to “Masochist’s Corner.” These are his most difficult plans, including Marble Strike. Before he will sell any of these, the purchaser must show that he has successfully built one of the clocks on his main page.

  7. Hevic

    Are the plans for this available? I couldn’t find them on the website

  8. John Hilgenberg

    Mr. Pieschacon, those plans are available from the designer, Clayton Boyer, but only under certain conditions. Please refer to his web page (search on his name) and click on the link to Masochists’ Corner at the bottom of the page.

  9. guillermo Pieschacon

    Estoy interesado en comprar los planos de este Marble Strike.
    Gracias espero información.

  10. Threetails

    That looks like something Heron of Alexandria would have dreamt up. I want one!

  11. John Hilgenberg

    Alain, do not worry about the durability of wood. Any good wood including Baltic or Finnish Birch plywood will run longer than you or I will. In America we have hundreds or thousands of old Terry clocks still running with wood works built 200 years ago when England was refusing to ship brass to her former colonies here. Whatever you do, avoid clear acrylic — very bad friction coefficient.


    Hello there,

    A big thank you for your response and advice about the wooden clock, I go to for plans and see my face for a possible improvement on the future wear after a while, the wood is not eternal ….

    sorry for the late response, but a lot of work right now, I can not wait to read you.

    Best regards Alain

  13. John Hilgenberg

    Alain, I’m sorry to say that I do not sell these clocks, and it would be difficult to find someone who does so. The problem is that wooden clocks take so long to build that builders usually make only one for themselves, and then move on to build a different design. Also, these mechansims can sometimes develop mechanical problems for which a buyer might blame the seller. Consider building your own clock from plans such as those sold by Clayton Boyer. Regards, John



    I’m from Belgium and I love the wooden clocks, malheeureusement home in Belgium to these models do not exist to my regret.

    Can – we buy a piece like you, check the prices, see the price including shipping, you could clone me information about this and if there is possibility to addresses or contacts who could sell me a model, many thanks to you.

    Regards Alain from Belgium.

  15. John Hilgenberg

    Standard 5/8″ glass marbles. Size consistency is critical, so best buy a bag of 100 or so and classify them with dial calipers, choosing a group of the most similar diameters.

  16. byugrad1024

    what size marbles does this use?

  17. John Hilgenberg

    Incidentally, Tim, there’s a video of my newest clock just posted on my page.


    Thanks John for the kind comment,I have saw Your clocks and mechanisms that You have built from Claytons designs and i must say , a true display of Excellent woodworking Craftsmanship,and again this is one excellent video ,keep up The Great work on the way You build clocks,Tim

  19. John Hilgenberg

    That’s very kind Tim, and a high compliment coming from the one who added that brilliant second hand to the Toucan.  I’ve built several of Clayton’s creations, but the Marble Strike is the hands-down popular favorite. Regards, John.


    Absolutely wonderful video of this clock, and outstanding job of bringing this beauty to life.I want to build this in the near future, great job,Tim

  21. lamawoodenclock

    Accostamento = combination !!!! :-)

  22. John Hilgenberg

    Giuseppe, what a kind compliment. Thank you. I am swept away by your clock-building artistry, so a compliment from you is of exceeding high value. And thanks also for a fine new word: occostamento — we should have such a useful word in English.


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